Master List Updates – March 2018

Spring is here but ye may not know it due to the weather!

I hope these audios make you feel cozy despite the chill lingering in the air.  Don’t worry the heat is on its way!



Mar 02 – Lost For Words 
Mar 03 – The Promise  
Mar 08 – Lady Killer (Erotic) 
Mar 08 – Lady Killer  
Mar 09 – Can You Resist Me? 
Mar 10 – Let Me Take Care Of You 
Mar 11 – Hold Me [I Need You]  
Mar 12 – Our Secret Naughty World  
Mar 12 – I Want You  
Mar 18 – Good Girl 
Mar 17 – Black Out  
Mar 18 – Black Out (Erotic) 
Mar 23 – De-Stressing Daddy 
Mar 24 – Out Of Bed, Sleepy Head!  
Mar 24 – Close To Me 
Mar 28 – Holding You Close  
Mar 30 – March Ramble 
Mar 31 – The Way You Look Tonight  

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