Gael has an amazing body of work spanning over 4 years.  More and more audios will be popping up on, in the meantime here are some links to whet your appetite!

See his most recent projects below!  If you’d like to have a look at his other recordings, check out the Archive!


Available Albums!  Experience The Fantasy

Gael is a featured artist on, a revolutionary site that brings more than just erotica, but guided erotic experiences!  Be sure to pop over and listen to titles from Gael you can’t find anywhere else!


Vibease Vibrators:  Bringing Fantasy To Life


  • Vibrates in sync with audiobooks

    When the audiobook says “I’m touching you softly”, Vibease vibrates softly.
    When the audiobook says “I’m touching you roughly”, Vibease vibrates hard.

    Find Gael’s Erotic Audiobooks in the Fantasy Store !


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