This album spans a spectrum of themes from the comedic awkwardness of a first date, the discovery of love between friends to the rekindling of a past flame.

Each vignette invites you to experience a new facet of passion as it takes a peek into a romantic moment in the life of the characters and in each piece, you are invited to claim the starring role.

These soundscapes have a little something extra, a bit deeper of meaning, a bit richer in texture. Join Gael in a world of fantasy and be swept away in a decidedly unique erotic experience that will arouse your emotions as well as your body.


01 – Masterpiece
Oh how I’ve missed you. I see you and all those old feelings come rushing back… Dare I hope that you’ve come to my gallery to see more than my paintings?

02 – Blind Date
Some nights go perfectly. Others… don’t. But romance finds a way!!

03 – Reconnecting At A Wedding
It’s so amazing to see you again… If I’d known I’d be walking down the aisle with you, I wouldn’t have missed the dress rehearsal!

04 – Blackout
The lights are out but I bet we can get a fire going!

05 – Game Time
Hey! You wanna come over and watch the All Ireland Hurling Finals with me? Don’t worry I’ll teach you all about it! I’ve even got you a jersey!


06 – Bodyguard
Your safety is my main concern. I place it above my own safety, my comfort and my heart. Tonight your life is being threatened and I’ll give everything I have to keep you out of harm’s way.

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Tags: Emotional, Intense, Trigger Warning (gunplay, Violence), NSFW, Fan Favorite

07 – How To Tame Your Alpha
I see you came prepared.  Are you going to tie me to the bed?  Don’t you think I can be trusted to keep my hands to myself?
I’m all yours bab- I mean Mistress!

08 – Sensual Summer Solstice
Beneath the Celtic sky… not another soul around for miles… Make love to me in this ancient place… it’s magical…. let’s experience it together.

09 – I Wish It Was You
I am playing with my toy but I wish I could play with you!

10 – Room For Two (Shower Sex)
Is there room in that shower for me?  I can’t think of a better place to get dirty than in a wet… hot shower…


11 – Breaking News
Baby? There was a terrible car wreck near your work…
I’d sure feel better if your phone wasn’t going straight to voicemail.
Call me when you get this… ok?
I love you.

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Tags: Emotional, Intense, Trigger Warning (fear of loss), NSFW, Fan Favorite