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Teespring & Spreadshirt

Teespring offers a more inclusive array of sizes, and I enjoy that they make it easy to put designs not only on both sides of a product, but also to stretch it for an “All over” look in some cases.  Also their fleece blankets are incredibly soft and high quality, so I want to make sure to always have them available.

Spreadshirt offers a lot of fun styles but not as many colours in their clothing.  However, they have very fun items like aprons, mason jar glasses and water bottles that TeeSpring does not have.  I also like that you get to choose the placement on the items.  A bit of extra fun!

So I decided to make designs available in both locations so you won’t have to choose one or the other.  TeeSpring allows me to do promos that benefit people in all countries that they shop to, while I’m still wokring on leveling up within Spreadshirt to see if I’ll be able to do the same there.

Just wanted to give you my thoughts on the two companies!  I hope you’re enjoying the merch!






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We worked with the creators at TeeSpring to bring some extra options for the “All Over” Gothic Rose designs. We’ve a pullover AND zip down hoodie as well as a long sleeve tee shirt which turned out very beautiful. They are all on their own pages so click on pictures for the direct links!


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