Upload Schedule


I release audios over a number of platforms during the month. I post additional content on top of my scheduled content whenever I am able. These are the days I am actively posting audios


♣ Weekends (Fri-Sun) – Gaelforce Spice
♣ Wednesday & Sunday  – Gaelforce Sugar
♣ Wednesday & Sunday – YouTube


My Patrons are my heart and the reason I am able to record as a career.  I post most of my content on Patreon before it ever reaches the public.

🌶️ Gaelforce Spice (Erotics & More)

Erotic audios will appear on Spice first. Content that is non-erotic will be also uploaded to Spice.  The platform has been going since 2016 and just about everything I’ve recorded from 2016 on can be found on this Patreon in some form.

I am most active on weekends, posting a minimum of 1 (one) new Erotic audio a week as well as advanced access to my YouTube uploads.  I also work with my Lovelies to find out what kind of content they are most interested in, recording listener ideas from the Workshop tier, do rambles, life updates and shout outs.

🍭Gaelforce Sugar (Vanilla & Forbidden YouTube Audios)

I upload any YouTube content to Sugar first to give my Sugar Angels priority access to new public content.  I also upload audios that  were removed from YouTube for being too sexy.  If you’re missing an audio from YouTube and don’t want erotic content, Sugar will be hosting the audios you’re looking for.

I post on Wednesdays & Sundays but also throughout the week as I’m able, adding past audios from YouTube as well as do rambles, life updates and shout outs.

📣 Public Platforms:

YouTube / Tumblr / Twitter

Because these sites have their limitations on what content they will allow, I post to them what I can, when I can.

YouTube will have Vanilla Roleplay, ASMR, Relaxation, Comedy, & Uplifting content uploaded every Wednesday & Sunday night. (Usually around 6 pm CST.)

Tumblr is a bit more easygoing, so you will find erotic audios when we can sneak them in.  It is run by my PR Penguin Sweetz, who is very friendly and available to answer any questions you may have!

Twitter is a good place to know what I’m up to behind and in front of the mic.  I post clips from Patreon audios, photos, banter, and upcoming audio news here.  Come play!