Connection: Intense & Intimate Erotic Encounters

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Connect to your most sensual self as you explore these tantalizing fantasies where you get to play the starring role. Whether it’s a daring display of naughtiness in front of the neighbors, a hot dominant role play, or a night of loving, passionate sex, Gaelforce is sure to please.
His seductive Irish accent will draw you in, the immersive sensual experiences will have you coming back for more. Just sit back, closes your eyes, and get lost in the fantasy.  


Track list:

01 – Connection
I adore you.  I cherish you.  I need you.  Let me create a safe, peaceful, sensual place for you to be fully yourself.  Let me bring you pleasure…release…  Lay in my arms and let me pour my love and attention over every inch of your body.
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02 – Morning Wood
I awake in the morning but not to the sound of an alarm, and baby we DEFINITELY won’t be hitting the snooze button!

03 – Fire & Ice (BDSM Dominant)
You know your Sir is on a deadline. But the summer heat has turned you into a very bad girl who wants what she wants. Now. I can think of a few ways to cool you down. Get naked and wait for me in the bedroom.

04 – Breakfast is served
I’m up early and I’m ravenous… but suddenly breakfast isn’t the first thing I want this morning…

05 – What Will The Neighbors Say?
It’s too hot to work inside and you’re too hot out here in the garden to resist. Come closer, love.  We’ll give the neighbors a show.

06 – Cumtrol
I want to make you cum but on my terms… Listen and be a good kitten.  Your orgasm belongs to me tonight.

07 – Sexy in your Lingerie
Baby, I won’t have it! I won’t have you doubting yourself. You look very sexy and I have all the proof you need right here.

08 – Passionate Pleasure Between the Sheets
Slip under the covers with me, Love. I am absolutely aching for you.

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