‘Moving In’ – Audiobook!


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Moving in together is a very big step in any relationship, but the sexiest and most fun part of that journey is christening your new home by making love in every space you possibly can.

‘Moving In’ is a simple collection of erotic vignettes surrounding a couple who has just moved in together and is taking full advantage of their new house.

NSFW, 18+ only!

Audio Samples:

1 – Getting Dirty With The Dishes
Keep your hands in the water baby… I want to get my fingers wet too…

2 – The Glass Table
I’m going to lay you down and pull you across the table to devour you with my mouth… who said inanimate objects can’t be sexy?

3 – Eating Out
We’ll be waiting a while for our dinner… but I’m hungry now.   Spread your legs baby, I’m going to have you for an appetizer…right here in this restaurant…


  1. I can’t find the words to describe the hotness in this audiobook. And that’s saying a lot for me, hehe. You truly cover a little bit of everything in here and they’re all fantastic. So good, seriously.Bravo, Sir and congratulations!💋💕

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