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This is a list by the year of all of my audios!  I’m in the process of adding all of the files so some of the links are not yet clickable. I’m working to have them all listed!  Note: All audios with a Patreon logo are only available for Patreon members. Join us!

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3D Orgasmic Whispers 
– Bedtime Stories #6 – Legend of Nora 
– Black Out  
– Black Out (Erotic) 
– Can You Resist Me? 
– Casual Sexy Friday  
– Close To Me 
Confidence For a Job Interview  
– De-Stressing Daddy 
– Eiffel Tower Romance  
First Time For Everything (new!)
– Fleshlight Unboxing (Ramble Fap)    
– Good Girl 
– Hold Me [I Need You]  
– Holding You Close  
I Need A Dirty Woman 
– I Want You  
– In Bed With Two Gaels 
Lady Killer (Erotic)
– Lady Killer  
– Let Me Take Care Of You 
– Lost For Words 
– March Ramble 
– Mouth Massage (Bedtime Stories #6) 
My Girl Against The Wall 
My Kinks: Red (Part 1)  
My Kinks: Red (Part 2) 
No Anxiety In My Arms  
– Our Secret Naughty World  
– Out Of Bed, Sleepy Head!  
– Playing In Bed (3D Bed Sounds ASMR)   
– Power Of Your Sexy Kiss  
– Public Seduction 
Scary Movie Night  
Seanie’s Wonderful World of Wicked Crows  
Seductive Irish Boyfriend Sexy Shenanigans  
Sexy Confession (3D ASMR)  
Sleep With Me (1 Hour)  
Sleep With Me (20 min) 
Slow Dance (3D Erotic ASMR)  
Stay In Bed With Me (Erotic) 
Stay In Bed With Me (Vanilla)  
– Stirring It Up On Valentine’s Day  
Stressed Out?  Cumming Makes It Better 
– Surrounded (Threesome)  
– The Other Woman 
– The Promise  
The Raven  
– The Way You Look Tonight  
– Work Out Ramble  


– 3D Kisses and Breaths
3D Male Moans
3D Undressing & Man Sounds 
Aftercare  amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large.png
Ahh Mmm Kiss (3D ASMR)
Against The Wall: Breast Appreciation  amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large.png
All Dogs Go To Heaven (Male)
All Dogs Go To Heaven (Female)
Bath Time With Your Lover
Bedtime Stories #1
Bedtime Stories #2
Bedtime Stories #3 
Bedtime Stories #4 Part 1
Bedtime Stories #4 Part 2
Before & After Surgery
Between The Sheets  (new)
Bloodlust: Vampire Romance – Pt 1
Bloodlust: Vampire Romance – Pt 2 
Bloodlust: Vampire Romance – Pt 2 (Extended) 
– Body Heat 
Bring Your ‘A’ Game
Calling From Work  amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
Calming & Soothing Boyfriend
Caring Boyfriend Roleplay
– Caught Red Handed (DDlg) 
Covering You In Kisses
Craving You 
Cum To Sleep
– Cumpilation
Cup of Comfort
Darth Vader Blind Date!
Dirty Cop
Dirty Talk
Dirty Moans, Dirty Talk
Do You Love Me?
– Double Gael: Angel Versus Devil
– Double Gael: All We Want For Christmas  
– Double Gael: Dirty Talk 
– Double Gael: Moans & Kisses
Double Gael: Two Places At Once amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
Eating Out 
– Eating Your Juicy Passion Fruit
Fatigue & Stress Meditation
Fingertip Lullaby (Bedtime Story #4)
– First Time For Everything 
Forehead Kisses
– Friends With Benefits
– Fuck Me, Please
Gael; Interrupted
Gaelic In The Garden
Getting Down To Business 
– Getting My Rocks Off
Give Me Your Kiss amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
Give Up Control
– Going Down 
Good Morning Baby
– Good News Podcast #1
– Homecoming (Erotic) 
– Hot Day, Cold Shower
Hot Kisses
– Hurricane Irma Comfort Ramble
– Hypnotic Erotic (Oral) 
– Hypnotic Kisses
– I Missed You  
– I Want To Be Your Fantasy
In The Mirror (Erotic) 
In The Mirror (Vanilla) 
It’s All About You
It’s Okay Now 
– In The Stacks
Irish Morning Kisses 
Kiss & Make Up
– Kisses From Ireland
Kissing You In Bed
Laying In Bed With You
Let’s Get Dirty  (new)
– Licking Your Lips
– Lickle Snuffles
LiveStream: Testing!
Long Distance Daddy
Lovers By The Campfire
Lovers In Bed (3D Heartbeat)
Lunch Break
Making You Blush
Masquerade Ball
Masquerade Romance
May is Masturbation Month
Mountain Rescue
Moving In: Eating Out
Moving in: Getting Dirty with the Dishes  
Moving in: The Glass Table
Moving in: The Shower
Moving In: The Shower (Anal Version)
My Milkshake Brings All The Gulls….
My Naughty Girl – Part 1 amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
My Naughty Girl – Part 2 amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
– My Playground
My Prey (Vampire Horror)
– My Sexy, Jealous Little Elf  (Vanilla) 
– My Sexy, Jealous Little Elf  (Erotic) 
Naughty Distraction At The Office
Naughty Movie Night amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
Naughty Night At The Cinema (Erotic) 
Naughty Night At The Theater 
Naughty Professor
No Foreplay  amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
Noticing You on New Years 
– Nuru Massage (Vanilla) 
– Nuru Massage (Erotic)
Oil Massage (Vanilla)
Oil Massage  amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
On Edge: In your Hands amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
Party Time
– Passionate 3D Moaning 
Perfect Moment By The Sea
Pillow Fight (Vanilla) 
Pillow Fight (Erotic) 
Play Time
Playing By Ear
Playing For Me
Playing Video Games
Playing With Your G String
Please: Baby I Want You
Please Me
Pleasure For Pain (Vanilla)
Pleasure For Pain
Pleasure for Chronic Pain
Prettiest Star
– Proof Of Sexiness
– Public Displays Of Arousal  
Public Whispers (3D ASMR)
– Rainy Morning Romance
Ramble In The Cabin 
– Relaxation Island
Relaxing Day in Ireland
– Rescuing Milady (Vanilla)
– Rescuing Milady (Erotic)
Role Play: Werewolf
– Romance At The Library
Romantic Express Part 1
Romantic  Express Part 2
Romantic Hotel Getaway
Romantic Picnic (Vanilla)
Romantic Picnic
– Romantic Shoulder Massage
Rumi Quotes On Love
– Safe In My Arms  
– Sail On
– Satori  
– Scalp Massage For Migraines
– Seanie: Birthday Special
Seanie Does Softcore
– Seanie Goes To The Doctor
– Seanie: Hits LA (Teaser) 
Seanie: Message From Finbar 
– Seanie: New Single
– Seanie: Phone Sex
– Seanie: Rap Star #1
– Seanie Reacts: I’m Late
 Seanie Reacts: Up Against The Wall
– Seanie: Reading Your Comments 1
– Seanie: Reading Your Comments 2
Seanie Takes Over
Seanie: The Haunted 
– Seanie: White Christmas 
– Seanie’s Elephant Talk
Seductive Whispers (3D ASMR)
– Seductive Whispers. Sexy Stubble
Sensual Edging
Sensual Shibari amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
– Sensual Spanish & Gaelic Whispers
Sexiness Against The Wall amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large.png
Sexy Dinner Invitation
Sexy Fireman
– Sexy Is You 
Shelter from the Storm
Sick Day: Taking Care Of You 
– Silk Tie. Leather Belt
Skin To Skin  (new)
– Soft Moans & Whispers
Soundscape: Irish Countryside
Soundscape: Irish Sea
Spooning At Midnight
Sunday Morning Sounds
Sunday Morning Together
Striptease (Vanilla)
Striptease Groove (DJ TARAH)
Take Me (Part 1)  amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
Take Me (Part 2)  amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
Take My Hand
– Tantric ASMR
– Tell Me a Story
Tender Loving Care
– The Fear [Horror]
– The Longest Kiss (Erotic) 
The Longest Kiss 
The Pleasure Key: Part 1  amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
The Pleasure Key: Part 2  amazon-logo-a-smile-black_large
Threesome Fantasy 
Tied To Our Bed
– Tinsel Tease  
– Touches, Tickles, Growls & Giggles
– Toy J.O.I
– Turn Me On
– Turn Me On (NSFW)
Truth Or Dare  
Up Against The Wall
– Up Close & Dirty
Valentine Breakfast In Bed (Vanilla)
Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed
Wearing My Shirt
– Welcome Home
Wet At Work 
What I Need
When We Cum (Alpha)
When We Cum (Sensual)
Wrestle Me For It
Wrestle With Me (Erotic)
Your Afterglow
– Your Clothes
– Your Guardian Angel
You’re Mine
– Your Sexy Revenge: Cuffed To The Bed
– You’re The Boss 


A Passionate & Sexy Moment 
A Perfect Morning Together 
– Are You Going To Be My Dirty Girl?
Bad Santa 
Big Cock Fun
Black Kimono
Comforting Boyfriend (Weight Gain)
– Do As I Say! (J.O.I. for Girls)
Dread   [Horror] [Collab]
Edging, Moaning, Cumming Volume 2
Erotic Pillow Talk [ASMR]
Frantic and Dirty 
Grinding For Gaelic 
Hard To Let Go 
I Am Your Boss
If No One Was Here: A Black Tie Affair
If Only: A Gentleman’s Desire
Insomnia Audio
Just The Way You Are 
Let’s Go Outside!
Lovers By The Fire
Male Moans, Sexy Sounds & Dirty Talk
Massage For The Unsung Buddhas 
Night Terrors 
Night Terrors
Nightmare Inn [Horror] 
– Oral Desire
Pillow Talk (ASMR) 
Safe Inside (Quiet Storm) 
Sensual Lovers
Sensual Prisoner
Sensual Sleep Therapy 
Sexual Devotion
– Sexy Stream of Consciousness
Sexy Whispers At Night 
Sleep Well, My Treasure 
The One Who Got Away
The One Who Got Away 
Vampire Calling Spell 
Vampire Seduction 
Vanity Chair 
Wet Sounds & Moans
Work From Home


Alpha Gael
Audio Sex Addict
By Your Side 
Close Your Eyes, Let’s Make Love
– Cum Alive!
Cum Hard With Me
Cum On My Tongue
– Day Dream
– Do You Want To Play A Game?
– Erotic Love Letter
– Fantasy
Fast (Quickie Cum) 
Fifty Shades of Gael
From Behind
Fucking Dr. Gael
– Fucktoy
– Give Up Control (JOI)
– Halloween
– Hands Free
– I Want To Cum For You
– I Want Your Pussy
– Lap Dance
– Licking Your Beautiful Pussy
Licking Your Sweet Pussy
Love On Top – Fuck Me Please
Male Moans, Sexy Sounds & Dirty Talk
Mind & Body Massage 
Moaning & Giggling
– Moaning For You
Moaning For You 2
– My Pornstar
Night Moves
There’s Nothing Like The Real Thing 1
There’s Nothing Like The Real Thing 2
– Office Calls
Officer Gael
– Oil Spills
– One Night Stand
– Pillow Talk
– Pleasing You
Primal Play
Relax & Cum
– Rockstar (Three Scenes)
Sensual Anal Sex
Sensual BDSM
Sensual BDSM Sex Slave
Sensual Conception
Sexual Healing
Shoulder Angel
Shoulder Devil
– Sleepy Whispers
Soft, Intense, Primal Moans
Spooky Date In Ireland 
Stressed Out (Cumming Makes it Better) 
Take It, Give It To Me 
Talking Dirty
Tantric Moans
– Tits That Saved Christmas
Valentine’s Night (Pleasing Your Man) 
Vampire Calling Spell 
Vampire Seduction 
VooDoo Fuck Doll
Wedding Night
World Cup Sex
Your First Time 1 (Gentle)
Your First Time 2 (Rough)
– Your Commander


Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
Cum Together
Cum With Me
– Cumming Hard For My Slut
– Daddy’s Little Tease
Dirty Mind
Dominant Punishing His Naughty Sub
Early Morning Quickie
Gaelforce Cumming
Get Primal With Me – Rough Fucking
Halloween Party
In Your Afterglow 
Le Petit Mort
Lingerie Store
Long Time Cumming
Making You Mine
Merry Christmas Baby
Moaning & Cumming Inside
My Favorite Thing
Phone Sex
Play For Me 1
Play For Me 2
Playing Hard To Get[Consent] [Rough]
Rain Fantasy
Sergeant Gael Comes Home
Sexy Submissive
Shy Girl
– Starry Night
Ten Minutes To Cum
– Threesome (MMF)
Your Revenge


– A Taste of Gaelforce
– Blackmailed
 Eating You Out
– Elevator Sex with a Stranger
– Energetic Sex Session with Gael
– Final Lesson With Mr. Gael
– Fucked Rough
Fucking In The Shower
– Gael Cums with Force
– Gael Gives You His Long Tongue
– Get Off
– Good Morning!  I Love You
– Hot Summer’s Night
– Job Interview
– My Muse
My Pleasure Toy
– Office Play
– Oral Pleasure While You Work
– Perfect Ending To an Evening
– Sensual Domination
– Sensual Shower
– Talking Dirty
– Using My Bad Girl
– You Visit Me

Special thanks to Foxie, whose incredible dedication and amazing organizational work made this list infinitely easier to compile!