Gaelforce is well known for his warmth, humor, and intoxicating sensuality and also his deep love and respect for women.  His passion is to bring confidence and healing to his listeners. No matter the scenario, you will feel safe and valued. Using immersive soundscapes and a revolutionary 3D microphone, let Gael entice you into his seductive world.

Even Gentlemen have a dirty side.


The Gancanagh is a seductive and ruthless creature of Irish mythology known for his intense powers of seduction.  To touch him is to lose one’s will.  To be touched by him is to be his forever.  Only a strong will can resist the Gancanagh once they have tasted the ecstasy he brings…

By stepping into my forest you have entered into an agreement.

And it is binding.

You have chosen to come here, Áilleacht and here you shall remain.  

Until you have satisfied my fee…

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 My first sex toy adventure!  Cum with me!


Irish audio author Gael Force presents an array of sensual and erotic scenarios designed to bring comfort, empowerment, and pleasure to his listeners. Let his lilting accent and hypnotic sensuality transport you to a world of fantasy.

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