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It’s your birthday my beloved goddess and to show you that you come first, I will be stubborn as a bull tonight.  

I can be patient. We will keep the Lion in his cage a while longer…

And hear this now…
You will always… come first…


Listen and play along with me… Perhaps I won’t be the only one who’s wet.



Got a little frustration you want to express?  I’m ready to take all you’ve got.

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Let’s Not Fight


It’s been a long hard year.  I’ve been working to give you something more enjoyable to expend your enerdree on.

Three new albums.  From Racy to Romantic to Spiritual.  I hope you find something in your favourite flavour!






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Gaelforce has been recording sensual, meditative & empowering audios for over 5 years. His unique combination of humor, wit, & Irish charm, have made him one of the most popular voices in erotic audio.

Using immersive soundscapes and a revolutionary 3D microphone, let Gael entice you into his seductive world.

If you’d like to share your fantasies and be part of Gael’s creative process, visit him on Patreon.com/Gaelforce!

 My first sex toy adventure!  I give the Fleshlight a try! Cum with me!


Check me out on YouTube!  There you’ll find videos of all kinds; meditations, comedy, sleep aids, horror, role plays and so much more.  These audios are mostly safe for work. 😉