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Intimate. Intense. Erotic experiences with you in the starring role. Live out your naughtiest fantasies. My Irish tongue sliding along your ear and any other places you wish… Let me sweep you off your feet and throw you on the bed. Let me give you the pleasure you deserve. Let’s get unzipped.  

Track list:

01 – Game over (No Nut November)
This year I planned to rise to the challenge: No orgasms in November! It’s amazing how quickly a man’s plan can change. If my success hinges on my ability to resist you… I’m about to lose big time.

02 – Getting down and dirty on the couch
You knew what you wanted when you come into the living room. I’m going to bend you over this couch and give you every inch of what you asked for.

03 – Work hard, play hard
A bit of domestic bliss, taming our jungle of a garden. It’ll be hard work, but working hard makes me want to fuck hard. And I can’t wait to get you out of the hot sun and into the shower.

04 – My Dirty Little Multi-Orgasmic Fantasy
I can’t stop touching myself. Thinking about you… what you’d be doing to me if I was there… drives me so crazy… I can’t… stop… Once isn’t enough…

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05 – Touching you, Tempting me
I want to give you a moment of pleasure… of relaxation… But as your energy changes…I find you harder and harder to resist… Perhaps we’ll take this massage a bit deeper…

06 – Passion, Pleasure, and Pounding
Let’s get lost in our desire and devour one another.

07 – Unzipped: Dressing Room Fantasy
I don’t mind at all waiting while you try on that dress. But by all means… let me know if you need a helping hand… or two…

08 – Booty Trap!
Here I find my love… Laying on the bed in just a towel… You know I can’t resist that butt when you display her like that for me… And you knew well my weakness, didn’t you? A little bottle of oil at the bedside and that seductive smile told me everything I needed to know… the trap has been set. And I am all too happy to slide into it and fulfill your every naughty desire…

09 – Pretty Nails, Dirty Talk
You can’t play along baby… you don’t want to ruin your pretty nails now do you?

10 – Tied, Teased, and Toyed
I’m completely at your mercy. No one drives me crazy like you can. Edge me… tease me… make me beg… There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.  

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