2013 Audios

A Taste Of Gaelforce

My very first audio! :3


The only reason you got this job was because you slept with the last boss.  Well I’m the boss now… we’ll need to come to some kind of an arrangement.  Get on your knees.

Eating You Out

I’m watching you walking around the kitchen in your panties and your heels.  You love teasing me like that don’t you… love driving me crazy until I can’t take it anymore and lay you down right here on the table and have you for breakfast.

A Fantasy (Elevator Sex)

We’re staying in the same hotel.  You’ve been giving me the eye and I’ve certainly noticed you.  Now we’re all alone in this elevator…

An Energetic Session with Gael

My little cumslut can keep up with me…can’t she…


Your Final Lesson with Mr. Gael

I’ve been your tutor for the past few weeks.  Your grades have vastly improved under me.  But I’ve noticed something about you, the provocative way you dress, the way you undress me with your eyes when I’m speaking… and now… it’s our final time together and I have one more lesson for you…


Fucked Rough

I love watching you get undressed for me.  Do it slowly.  You’ve been teasing me all day, acting like a little slut.  You know how hard it makes me… Come here baby I’m going to take what’s mine.

Fucking In The Shower

“Your soft skin against my hard cock…. I can’t resist. I want to take you… I want to fuck you in the shower.”

Gael Cums with Force

No words.  Just moans… growls and a lot of pleasure.  Join me won’t you?

Gael Gives You His Long Tongue

I wake you up in the middle of the night… I need to taste your pussy baby…

Get Off

We all need a release.  No matter what our gender or orientation.  Sometimes it’s just nice to spend some time, taking in some pleasure…  Let’s get comfortable and get off.


Good Morning, I Love You Feel
I love to watch you sleeping in the morning.  You look so beautiful, so peaceful…  We touched in the night and even asleep, your body wanted me… Time to wake you up and give you what we both want… I wanna make love to you baby.


A Hot Summer’s Night Feel
There’s something about hot weather that always turns me on…


2013_TheJobInterviewThe Job Interview
You seem to be a bit over-qualified for this job.  I’m sure you have many unique skills but I’m not sure it would suit you… You’ll do anything?  Explain what you mean by anything.


My Muse

You want to know about my Muse?  The one I think about while I’m laying here stroking myself. who inspires me to passion?  I’ll tell you all about her… it’s you…



My Pleasure Toy

“I need to use you. My hands are on your waist and I whisper. ‘Go to the bedroom. Now.’ My toy always does as she is told…”


Office Play
I’m all alone in my office and I’m fucking horny.  Get over here.


Oral Pleasure While You Work Feel



– Oral Pleasure While You Work
– Perfect Ending To an Evening
– Sensual Domination

– Talking Dirty
– Using My Bad Girl
– You Visit Me