Fingertip Lullaby (Bedtime Stories)

Are you having trouble sleeping my love?

Well I’ve some stories to soothe you to sleep. And if my lips can’t ease your mind…

I’ve other parts I can use to help you float away into dreamland…

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bedtimestoriesBedtime Stories, Vol 1 on

Never go to bed alone again!
Irish audio author Gaelforce combines erotic fantasy with romantic relaxation in this groundbreaking new album!  This series has long been a fan favorite and now all of Gael’s Bedtime Stories are available in one place!  Settle in for the night for hilarious stories, hot kisses, and shiver-inducing pleasure.  This album uses 3D Binaural sound technology to help immerse you into Gael’s relaxing and erotic world.
Forget your stress and fall asleep within the safe and comforting arms of Gaelforce.

Album Length: 3 Hours 43 Mins

01 – The Night of the Cats (11:52)

02 – The Nutty Neighbours (20:00)

03 – Monkey Musings and Contagious Yawns (14:16)

04 – Fingertip Lullaby / Scottish & Irish Giants (32:57)
Still wound up? I have another way to help you fall asleep

Bedtime Stories, Vol 1 on
05 – Fences and Funerals (17:32)
06 – Oral Mouth Massage and the Legend of Nora (35:00)
07 – Loopy Anthems and the Fireman’s Wreath (25:00)
08 – The Stuntman and Showing Off (37:16)
09 – Warming You Up (15:00)
10 – Licking You Awake (14:30)

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