CANCER ZODIAC is Here! ( Zodiac Series )

It’s the eve before your birthday and I know just where to find you.
In your sanctuary, our cozy shower, bathing in hot water and moonlight.
And I want to be holding you in my arms when your birthday begins…
But you well know I can’t resist your intoxicating sensuality and soon our passion will heat things up, and we’ll create some steam of our own!
Thank you all so much for your kindness and support in this extra lickle adventure!
The Zodiac series will be a special set of audios released only on  I hope you’ll enjoy each special audio as they come out over the year. Of course, my Patreon content and YouTube content will continue as normal! This is a little something special.
I wanted to give a bit of a more personal feel to these audios and so I’ll be paying special attention to the personality traits found in each sign.  I’ll tell you what I focused on in each, so you can pick and choose what makes you tingle!
If your sign is a bit later in the year, don’t forget you are more than your Sun Sign.  Take a look at your star chart, and see what secrets you uncover!
Aspects of the Cancer sign I Focused On
Ruled by the Moon my sensual, sensitive Cancer wants to feel desired, cherished, and loved.  But I’m never going to mistake your sensitive nature for a lack of passion as you can meet me with equally powerful & fiery enerdree when you are coaxed out of your shell!
As a Leo, I am fire.  
You and I are the only two signs ruled by luminaries which make us a mystical & magical force when we cum… ahem.. come together!  You encourage me to be more tender, and I will encourage you to adventure and naughtiness!
Our joining is hot as the Sun’s fire, with all the power of the Moon’s pull on the tides.  When the Sun and Moon collide, the very Earth shivers at our passion! 

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