1. Natural born talent, just as I thought… The fancy tech gear may help amp things some, but you Sir have no need of electronic gizmos for your voice to be effective. I want you to know that your audios are amazing and have been of much comfort to me Gael. Thank you!

  2. Oh how cool to hear your first audio! You are truly talented and well versed in the sensual arts.. I am so happy to have found this little corner of the interwebs. I have listened to audios off and on for quite some time now, and yours have been by far the best and most authentic! Keep on keepin on! 💋💕

  3. Good Evening Sir,

    I think you are my first audio! If what is above is your very first audio, then WOW! You are amazing! I look forward to listening to more of your audios. Thank you and take care! 😊