Welcome to the new GaelforceAudios.com!

This site will constantly be growing with new and exciting things I’m doing, so please bookmark it and check back often!

In the meantime if you’re looking for a specific type of audio let the links below help you in your search!

My YouTube channel focuses on meditation and roleplay with hints of ASMR.  I have to behave myself there so most of the content is SafeForWork.

Gaelforce Playroom is a collection of my posted YouTube videos, Erotic Audios, & any other naughty things that come to mind.  You must be over 18 to follow, please.

You’ll find my most recent activities on my Twitter feed.  I’ve been collaborating with a number of authors like Alyssa Turner, companies like Vibease and you can stay updated as it it happens by following me there.

My Patreon is near and dear to my heart.  What began as an experiment to better understand the minds and desires of my listeners, has blossomed into a wonderful community full of laughter, support, and LOTS of #banter!

In the Patreon we have audios posted every week usually inspired and encouraged by the Lovelies there.  You’ll also find Rambles, random silliness and generally an amazing place to hang out.

I’ve been on Lit for years and it is a great archive of more recent audios as well as my very first recordings all the way back in 2013!  If you’re looking for something I’ve recorded, it’s almost definitely there.


  1. 💖Heya Gael! It’s wonderful to see how you are branching out to different platforms. Your audios are top quality and the way you listen to ideas and suggestions from your listeners is exceptional. Thank you for being such a beautiful and caring person. You have my continued to support for your creative work. Wishing you all the best! Muahs!💋

  2. Am I gonna pop the comment cherry 🍒? Hiya, it’s me Cat(therine). Your BFF from Patreon and Twitter. This website is very nice. And one more way for me to harrass you so good luck with that. I wish you success and prosperity not just monetarily because I know you’re not in it for that but in all that you do and set out to accomplish. Luv ya lots❤

  3. Great! I love everything you do. Unfortunately I do not follow  u in Patreon, only on  your other networks. I’ve known you for almost a month and had a lot of fun 🙂 . I love your voice and your sympathy and sweet humor in the audios in which you stop being “Gael” for a few minutes. I’m even thinking of getting my first tattoo on the wrist (you know in wiich hand ;D) with a symbology of ireland (maybe the four-leaf clover) To be able to smile instantly when I see it :P…..
    Thanks for this “job” Which you enjoy very much…… More than Gael I address the Irishman who gives him life to be honest. A giant hug, infinite and millions of kisses, from a place as far as my country is: Chile

    love you


    Ps: Thanks for not showing a full face/body photo. I swear I take the first flight to Ireland … Thanks for the mercy XD

  4. Hiya, am I poppin’the comment cherry🍒? It’s me Cat(therine), your BFF from Patreon and Twitter. This website is very nice and yet another place for me to harrass you so good luck with that. Wishing you all the success and prosperity, not just monetarily because I know you’re not in it for that, but in all that you do and set out to accomplish. Luv ya lots ❤

  5. Gotcha bookmarked right next to my Patreon bookmark now. 😁 Great, another place to search when I’m craving my Irishman fix. Keep doing your thing, darlin’ and we’ll keep supporting you and cheering you on. Love what you said about the ladies on Patreon. You brought that group together. Thanks for that!
    ~Kelly S

  6. Congrats on the new website! It looks fantastic and I’m sure your listeners and Lovelies will have fun with the new audios & posts here. Love how you are constantly evolving and creating.
    Keep up the good work!
    Wishing you all the best! 😛


  7. Hey, you. Looks like cybergremlins ate my first attempt at a comment, so: Love the site & have it bookmarked. It’s deeply good to see you getting a chance to grow your art & expand its reach, shed your light a little wider. Thanks for being a lantern. May the new site thrive, along with all the exciting projects to be revealed here. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve* for us next, Sunshine! (*Or, y’know, secreted elsewhere about your person…)

    — Brigid

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