Dirty Cops & Sweet Fires

This month has been about exploring some popular First Responder fantasies.

Have you ever wanted to seduce a cop into letting you off with a warning?  Dirty Cop is your chance.  Now, this one is a bit rougher than some of my other audios, so please listen responsibly.


If you prefer the sweet side of the First Responder fantasies, I have a hot one for you…




  1. Scrumptious audios, both! Your range of tones between these two — from raw & dirty to sweet & charming — is impressive as ever, and your layered soundscapes are becoming astoundingly rich & detailed. Well done; keep it up! (And, well… … Never mind; that joke’s too easy even for me. *wink*)

  2. 💖 Well done, as always! Tasteful and sexy!! You get the job done and always leave us panting for more. I look forward to whatever your intriguing mind and talents cum up with next! 😘

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