2013 Audio Archives – Now Available!



Here is the first of MANY content additions to GaelforceAudios.com!  Have a walk down memory lane with my 2013 audios (including my very first one – gulp!)

As you know I have a LOT of content so there will be so much more popping up on the site!  I am no longer on literotica, but everything that was there will be on GaelforceAudios and a bunch of files that you’ve never seen before!

Stay tuned – the adventure continues!


  1. When in 2016 I heard your first recording of the story of gaelforce I felt a feeling of tenderness … hehe. I am so proud of your evolution, which is reflected in the state of joy in which I remain after listening to you. I want you to know that I am always aware of your projects. I love everything you share. I will never get bored of saying it. I adore you with all my soul. Thank you for your sensuality and your optimism. You give me joy in my gray moments. Your personality is exquisite and unique, I adore your optimism and energy (both… sensual and vital) ….. you really are the best I found on the internet.

    (I’m also proud of my four-leaf clover tattoo on my wrist 🍀 😘

    Kisses from Chile to Ireland … Muuaaaahs! 💋

    Pd: A private kiss to Seanie for his birthday 😉


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  2. I’m just getting started so I don’t have many specifics to comment on yet. All I can say is, you’ve come a long way honey! Don’t get me wrong, these are still hot and sexy, but it’s kind of adorable to hear you when you were just starting out. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more you will have grown 3 years from now.💋💕


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