2013 Audio Archives – Now Available!



Here is the first of MANY content additions to GaelforceAudios.com!  Have a walk down memory lane with my 2013 audios (including my very first one – gulp!)

As you know I have a LOT of content so there will be so much more popping up on the site!  I am no longer on literotica, but everything that was there will be on GaelforceAudios and a bunch of files that you’ve never seen before!

Stay tuned – the adventure continues!

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  1. When in 2016 I heard your first recording of the story of gaelforce I felt a feeling of tenderness … hehe. I am so proud of your evolution, which is reflected in the state of joy in which I remain after listening to you. I want you to know that I am always aware of your projects. I love everything you share. I will never get bored of saying it. I adore you with all my soul. Thank you for your sensuality and your optimism. You give me joy in my gray moments. Your personality is exquisite and unique, I adore your optimism and energy (both… sensual and vital) ….. you really are the best I found on the internet.

    (I’m also proud of my four-leaf clover tattoo on my wrist 🍀 😘

    Kisses from Chile to Ireland … Muuaaaahs! 💋

    Pd: A private kiss to Seanie for his birthday 😉


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