December Master List Updates!


Winter is here and with it, I’m looking for ways to keep you warm!

‘Here With You’ is now available and is breaking new ground as it’s the first album of it’s kind.  3D Erotic ASMR!  I hope you’d left some room in your stocking for that naughty stuffer 😉

🍀 Here With You is Now Available! 🍀
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Patreon is buzzing as ever, but this month has begun a special tradition of the SantaForce Personal Audio Event!  I’ve enjoyed this process so much, I may do more of them in the future!  The event will continue through New Year so if you haven’t submitted a request yet, you’re not too late!

And last but not least, here is a list of audios we created this December!

Dec 01 – Nuru Massage (Vanilla) 
Dec 01 – Nuru Massage (Erotic)
Dec 03 – Welcome Home
Dec 04 – Body Heat 
Dec 06 – Safe In My Arms  
Dec 06 – Passionate 3D Moaning 
Dec 08 – First Time For Everything 
Dec 09 – Tinsel Tease  
Dec 09 – White Christmas 
Dec 10 – Caught Red Handed (DDlg) 
Dec 11 – Going Down 
Dec 13 – I Missed You  
Dec 15 – Double Gael: Dirty Talk 
Dec 16 – Public Displays Of Arousal  
Dec 17 – Satori 
Dec 18 – Double Gael: All We Want For Christmas  
Dec 19 – Cozy Christmas Cabin  
Dec 24 – My Sexy, Jealous Little Elf  (Vanilla)
Dec 24 – My Sexy, Jealous Little Elf  (Erotic) 
Dec 25 – Ramble In The Cabin 
Dec 25 – Homecoming (Erotic) 
Dec 25 – Homecoming 
Dec 29 – Satori 
Dec 31 – The Longest Kiss (Erotic) 
Dec 31- The Longest Kiss 
Dec 31 – Noticing You on New Years 

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