Master List November Update!

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Halloween has passed and Autumn is in full swing!

I’m hard at work on a new album focusing on the sexy side of ASMR and some other projects as well!  Thank you so much for your constant encouragement and support!  It means so much!

The eagerly awaited sequel to Bloodlust is now available!  Check it out on YouTube, and the extended Erotic version on Patreon!

Stay close for more heated audios to chase away the chill of the season!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this past month’s offerings!

Between The Sheets 
Bloodlust: Vampire Romance – Pt 2 
Bloodlust: Vampire Romance – Pt 2 (Extended) 
Craving You 
Getting Down To Business 
In The Mirror (Erotic) 
In The Mirror (Vanilla) 
Let’s Get Dirty 
Naughty Night At The Cinema (Erotic) 
Naughty Night At The Theater 
Pillow Fight (Vanilla) 
Pillow Fight (Erotic) 
Seanie: The Haunted 
Skin To Skin 
Threesome Fantasy 
Truth Or Dare  

One comment

  1. I like the whole master list thing Gael. Apparently I am pretty stupid or something because this is the first one of these I remember seeing but it sure is nice. Thank you for everything you do for us all, you are a very kind man.


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