June 2019 Audios Master List

On my Patreon I release a new erotic audio every week (minimum) as well as lost audios, classic audio revisits, and content that will eventually be released to the public.

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01 – Lost In Your Pleasure 
Watching you in your pleasure sends me over the edge baby…
Seeing you in your pleasure that it brought out the animal in me.

02 – Neck Worship (Vampire ASMR)   // YouTube
I have tasted every human delicacy.  Sampled every exclusive confection, I have gorged myself on the finest wine.  They pale in comparison to you.  You bring me life… Let me bring you release.

05 – French Kisses // YouTube
Come close and let me whisper a little French against your ear…

08 – Erotic Love Letter (2014)
Being away from you is torture.  I wrote you a letter telling you all the ways I miss you.. how badly I miss your body against mine…  But you always prefer listening to rather than reading my letters… don’t you.

09 – Breast Appreciation
I love kissing your mouth.  But tonight I want to focus my attention ever so slightly lower.  Come sit on my lap.  Get comfortable.  I plan to take my time appreciating you.

10 – Harmony of Being Together  // YouTube
I know the day has been difficult.  But it’s over now and all we are is this. Peaceful… quiet… my arms wrapped around you as the rain gently falls outside…

Image result for It's okay now Gaelforce
Come let me hold you.  I know you’re not feeling yourself and I want to make it all better.
♣ Hear this and other erotic/comforting audios on “It’s Okay Now” available on Amazon, iTunes & more

14 – Office Call (2014)
I really love when you come to my office feeling naughty.  Having you on my desk when anyone could walk in.  You are impossible to resist.

16 – Taking Risks // YouTube
A fancy restaurant, a beautiful summer night, and you are far too sexy to resist until we get home. Let’s be bad. The door to the roof is unlocked…

20 – Kitty Cat Fight Night  // YouTube
The fight is on and I am invested in watching it, but my little kitten wants to play.

21 – What You Wear // Download
It’s not the ribbons or the lace that entice me. It’s the gift inside.
♣ Available for download on GaelforceAudios.com

21 – Solstice //YouTube
Beneath the Celtic sky as the spirits of the mystical swirl around us…
Come be surrounded by sensual energy.  Make love to me.
♣ Available for Download on GaelforceAudios.com

23 – Closing Time // YouTube
Our bar is closed for the night and what a night it was.
Have a seat, you deserve a break. And a drink. Maybe two.
A bit of banter and some liquid courage, maybe my loose lips will be busy tonight.

26 – Taking It Slow // YouTube
I know you’ve had a difficult time.
I just want to hold you and make you feel safe. Will you let me?

28 – Gaelforce FM #2: Silencing Seanie // YouTube
A lickle (or lockle!) bit of chat, positive new stories, suffering through Seanie and some updates about what’s going on with my life.

29 – Getting Comfortable
After a long hard day… the best part about wearing a suit is taking it off.
But I know you’re listening.  Fuck I love it when you listen…
So I am going to take my suit off very… slowly.
Maybe we can get “comfortable” together. hmm?

30 – Coming Out To A Friend // YouTube
You are a unique human bean!
A conversation over coffee.

30 – Proud & Primal // Tumblr
(Gender Inclusive Pride Month Audio)
I see you. I am proud of you. I accept you.
Who you are right now.. As you are.
And right now?  I wanna fuck you.
Right. Now.

30 – Coming Home To You 2: Getting Ready For Bed // YouTube
Coming home to you after a long hard day is everything.
I thought about you all day and now I can finally be in your arms
Let me get out of this suit and I’ll join you in bed to so you how much I missed you

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