Holding You As You Sleep (1 Hour)

There is an erotic version of this audio called Orgasmic Lullaby.  More Information is below ♥


Romantic Intro (Download)
🌶️ Spice
🍭 Sugar

No Words (Download)
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🍭 Sugar

🌶️ Spice
🍭 Sugar

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I have plans to make an extended version of this on my Sleep Audio channel!  Keep an eye on Gaelforce Comforts


Erotic version information:


I’d love for you to listen to this when you have time to pamper yourself if you’re able. I created this with the idea of it being a quiet sensual narrative sleep audio…

But well…

I may have gotten a bit intense, desperate and quite a bit louder as the moment overcame me. I know I slept well when all was said and done🤭

Once the enerdree settles I aimed to create a nice environment for you to sleep in my arms. eventually… I hope you’ll enjoy this little stolen time of passion, pleasure and peace. ❤️

🌶️ Spice

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