Weathered Lovely


Each new month makes me take stock of the year so far.

We’ve been soldiering on through this difficult season for a long time.  And as I look around I see so much strength. Such community, such support.  I’m inspired and proud of what I see.

We’ve been sick and tired and scared and determined and victorious.

We may be weathered, but we are making it WORK. 

This design idea came from just seeing and FEELING the battle we’ve all been through this year. The thought behind it was made to show the different ways maybe we see our weathered-ness.

♦ On light colours, the design is normal if not a bit stressed. 

♦ On dark colours, the design may fade in places but it shines through the dark. 

No matter what your weather, I hope this design will inspire you as much as all ye inspire me.

Seemed fitting to release this on “Labor Day” when we’ve all been through it.   I hope ye like it. ♥

(use code LABORDAY though Sept 8th)

Whether you decide to get this or not, I just felt strongly to let you know that I have been watching all of you go through such an unprecedented time of difficulty with so much strength and so much grace.

I couldn’t be more proud of you.  I am always always cheering you on.

~Your Mushy Mayor

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