Capricorn – Zodiac Series

You’ve been wanting to experiment… learn how to play… 

And my beloved Capricorn I am more than happy to teach you.

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Runtime 36:28

Thank you all so much for your kindness and support in this extra lickle adventure!

The Zodiac series will be a special set of audios released only on  I hope you’ll enjoy each special audio as they come out over the year. Of course my other content will continue as normal! This is a little something special.

I wanted to give a bit of a more personal feel to these audios and so I’ll be paying special attention to the personality traits found in each sign.  I’ll tell you what I focused on in each, so you can pick and choose what makes you tingle!

Aspects of the Capricorn sign I Focused On;

You are devoted and loyal, sensitive to what other people need and like giving it to them.  You like to know you’ve done a good job and bask in the praise of your loved ones.  The fun aspect of that is you will be incredible at both leading and being led.  In tonight’s fantasy, you put yourself in my hands… but I quickly learn I will be just as safe in yours…

As a Leo…

I am happy to take the lead and not shy about telling you what a good girl you are and all the sexy things you do so very well.

Author’s Note:

This is a very gentle dominant audio, lots of praise, lots of pleasure.  It was a heady thing indeed fantasizing about leading someone for the first time. I admit I completely lost track of myself during this audio.  At one point I was so mindlessly turned on I was nearly frantic …. but oh my … did it make for an incredible orgasm.  I hope you’ll join me in the same orgasmic urgency 😉

Not a Capricorn? You’re more than your Sun Sign.  Take a peek and see what secrets you uncover at

Return next month for the next sign: Aquarius!

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