November 2022 Master List

Publicly Released Erotics

I want to give you a birthday adventure you’ll never forget! If only the weather was on my side. As we hunt for warmth, my sweet Sagittarius, I think we’ll find a way to make this night memorable… one way or another!

Completely Yours
You drive me so crazy I could forget my own name.
I am lost in your mouth, under your touch, completely under your spell.
I’m yours… Do anything you want with me…

Needy Desperate Moans (No Talking)
Tenga Egg Twist (Unboxing)


Patreon Content

Covering You With Me
Let me lay you down in front of the fire on this cold November night…
I’m going to take my time savouring you… and replace your stress with pleasure…
The last thing we’ll need is a blanket, my love. The only thing you’ll have covering you tonight… is me.

Release The Tension (Male Moans) 

Sweet Afterglow: Connecting
Love of my life… After the passion and the intensity are over,
Our bodies have become one and my whole being longs to connect even deeper with you, to exist in this stolen moment of peace and bliss.

Sweet Delicious You
I like to start off my mornings with something sweet for breakfast…and you are about the sweetest thing I can have.
I want all of you

Taking You To The Edge
You’ve been edging… playing…teasing…
But you know you were waiting to have me here in your ear before you finally let yourself explode.
You wanted me to be here, to control your pleasure… to tell you when it was time.
And I’m very very happy to oblige.

Starting The Day Dirty (Rough Against The Wall)
You like teasing me in the morning when I’m already turned on…
You love to rile me up, get my blood running hot…
You want to end up pinned to the wall….to the bed… getting ravished nice and rough.
I’ll tell you a secret…
Even when you’re bad… I love giving you exactly what you want.



Covering You With Me (Vanilla Version)
Double Gael Naptime (Spoken Version!)
Let Me Praise You While We Work Out

How I Would Touch You
I may not be with you right now
But close your eyes darling. Maybe we can close the distance.
As if there were no space between us at all…

Wrapped Up Together (We Are Burrito) ( 1 Hour Sleep )
Baby it’s SO cold! Can I borrow some of your warmth!
Please? If I can make you laugh perhaps that will convince you?

Sweet Delicious You (Morning Intimacy)
Will you share a moment in the shower with me?
I want to take time to treasure every beautiful part of you that I adore.

Gently Escorting You to Dreamland
I want to make sure you get the best sleep possible tonight, so let me snuggle you softly into a peaceful pathway to dreamland…



(Ringtone) Saturday Alarm Lament!
(Ringtone) Vampire Beckoning Beneath Your Window
(Ringtone) Scarlet Flame Gold & Brown
(Ringtone) Sean’s Manpire


Between The Sheets Episodes

Between The Sheets Episode 05: Losing A Nipple!
Between The Sheets Episode 06: Feeling Good! Bedcast
Between The Sheets Episode 07: Reviewing Spicy Audios (Teasers) And Seanie’s Chocolate Milk Thoughts!
Between The Sheets Episode 08: Feedback!

Spotify Releases

This list will be a mixture of new audios and adding classic audios that can no longer be hosted on YouTube. I hope you find some new and familiar favourites!

Covering You With Me ( Sexy Safety Blanket )
My Kinks: Twice Inside You (Teaser)
ASMR Double Gael (Twice The Tingling)
3D ASMR Tingle Chair
Vampire ASMR: Neck Worship
Good Girl ASMR
Sweet Afterglow: Connecting (Sexy ASMR)
Sexy Sweet Delicious You (Teaser)
Sit on My Lap (Kisses, Whispers & Praise)
How I Would Touch You (ASMR)
Primal Male Moans
Sagittarius (Zodiac Teaser)
My Prey (Vampire Stalks His Victim)
Trying To Resist You (Winning Streak)
Bedroom Back-Rub (Spanish & Gaelic Whispers)
Sweet Delicious You (Morning Intimacy)