Aquarius – Zodiac Season

My adventurous Aquarius, I should have known your birthday would be a time of lustful exploration! And I am ready and willing to explore every …single… inch of you… in every single way you crave.

Which position shall we try first?

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Runtime 36:28

Thank you all so much for your kindness and support in this extra lickle adventure!

The Zodiac series is a special set of audios released only on  I hope you’ll enjoy each special audio as they come out over the year. Of course my other content will continue as normal! This is a little something special.

I wanted to give a bit of a more personal feel to these audios and so I’ll be paying special attention to the personality traits found in each sign.  I’ll tell you what I focused on in each, so you can pick and choose what makes you tingle!

Aspects of the Aquarius I Focused On;

Your creativity, passion, and spontaneity make you an INCREDIBLE partner for sexual exploration.  And explore we shall.

As a Leo…

I am ready to meet your needs on any adventure and guide us both into exhausted, blissful satisfaction

Author’s Note:

This was so much fun!  The positions are real including the Aquarius position.  Changing so many positions had the very heady side effect of turning me on more and more as was edged over and over.  By the end I was nearly frantic with a need to release, I hope you can feel the enerdree pouring through me into you on this one!  I slept WELL after recording this!

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Return next month for the FINAL sign: Pisces!

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