Seductive Spooning (Morning Sex)

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Well, good morning to you too!

You know all the right ways to touch me and make me desperate for you.


Author’s Note:

I love morning sex. Springtime makes it feel especially decadent, but if I woke up every morning with your soft warm body pressed against me, and your naughty hands roaming over me….there would be no complaints…


In fact, I would melt in your mouth and be completely under your power.

This audio is exactly how I love to think of us waking up. A WONDERFUL way to start our day. I hope you sink into the sensuality and closeness with me and we can go off into the world with a secret smile 😉



Bed Percussion / Bed Sounds / Begging / Breath on Ear / Clit Play / Close / Close Whispers / Deep / Desperate / Fingering / From Behind / Gaelic / Growling / Honey / Intense / Intimate / Morning Sex / NSFW / Nipple Play / Passionate / Pinching Nipples / Please / Seduction / Sheets / Spooning / Teasing / Wake Up / Whispers /


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