Sensual Lovers on eSensual.

sensual-lovers-gael gaelforce-black-tie-600 gaelforce-slow-burn-600

I have some new audios available in collaboration with  Have a look!   If you’re a member of my Patreon a few of them will be familiar to you.  ‘Slow Burn’ is an eSensualbooks script and a brand new recording that I’m very excited to be a part of.  I hope you enjoy them!



  1. Just to clarify: Is “Slow Burn” a script *for* eSensual Books by you (following their “D.E.V. protocols,” which intrigue me)? Or is it a script *by* eSensual Books w/ you narrating? (After the outstanding “Birthday Girl” collab you did w/Alyssa Turner, I’ll never say “just narrating”!)
    If it’s the latter… are fans of the audios you create from jump likely to enjoy this script, or does it have a very different flavor?
    (Not that we won’t all buy it anyway because of your voice…)

    Your stickler for detail for today,
    — me.

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  2. Mmmm, loved Sensual Lovers! *fanning self* There’s nothing like that slow, sensual buildup! And Black Tie Affair, well that is just smokin’ hot! Getting sexy in public is fun.

    Oh, and if you’re going to spank that ass, make sure you give it a rub afterwards to take the sting out ; ) I’ll be sure to hop over and do some reviews tomorrow.


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