Gael’s Nuts Roasting On An Open Fire…

Nollag shone duit!!!!!

It’s that time of year where we get festive and frisky!

Today I added a new audio to YouTube called ‘Bad Santa’ it’s as sassy and sexy as YouTube will allow me to be – And my Patreon Lovelies got a long hard look at Bad Santa’s naughty side! 😉


Also Vibease released ‘Merry Christmas Baby!”, an audio of mine from a few years ago, now enhanced with their audio-synched vibrators.  Click the picture to check them out!  You can also listen to the full audio here.


I hope these will help put a bit of bounce in your step as we get closer to Christmas!



  1. Nice try with the “ASMR male moans” on youtube today.. …hm (Youtube banned it¿)bad luck. But very nice work, darling. Just like I said, enjoy your vacations (make some more good stuff )
    Enjoy recording as always finishing to the last drop of your glorious liquid. I assure you that I enjoy it much more than you.

    I always follow your rhythm 🍀😘

    God bless Ireland

    Merry christmas 2016


  2. I really enjoy how you tell ‘me’ exactly what to do in your audios! It’s so sexy, and so is that growl. Gets me every time! This was humorous and sweet too, which I always adore.

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