The Zodiac Series!

I have a series upcoming.  It will be available on

One audio per month & will be exclusive, never released!

I wanted to make audios that would feel very personal and would make you feel extra special.

I put on me thinking cap and was inspired by a subject I’ve seen many of you enjoying.

A birthday audio perhaps? Hmm. Yes… But how can to make it more magical? MORE personal? I wanted it to be so special and intimate it’d make you see stars…


The Zodiac Series!

Starting this Aries season and for every Lovely sign there after…

This year long series will seek to romance your mystical personality.  I’ll attempt to slide into your star signs and see what makes you tick.

I hope you’ll join me for this lickle adventure.  See ya Monday!

For The Curious
Don’t fret if you think your sign is far away. See your full birth chart!

I’ve been given this link for those who would like to delve deeper into their magical mystical side.    I hope ye find some fun and meaning in this series.   I’ll be doing my best to … entertain every part of you that I’m able!

Be wary the secrets you may uncover! 😈

Learn more about your signs!