ARIES is here! (New Zodiac Series)


You can have anything you want tonight, my goddess.
Whatever you want…
Whenever you want…
WHEREever you want it.

You’ve got this Lion under your control… for now. 

My new series will give special attention to one Lovely sign every month!

I wanted to give a bit of a more personal feel to these audios and so I’ll be paying special attention to the personality traits found in each sign.  I’ll tell you what I focused on in each, so you can pick and choose what makes you tingle!

If your sign is a bit later in the year, don’t forget you are more than your Sun Sign.  Take a look at your star chart, and see what secrets you uncover!

Aspects of Aries I Focused On

Creative, Dominant, Energetic, Fiery, Free-Spirited, Fun, Independent, Intelligent.  Her element is fire and she ignites her spark into every encounter.

My Leo personality likes ME to be in control, but I do so love to see you shine, my love. However, a night at your command is going to be a challenge… for both of us! Do you have what it takes to keep this Lion contained?